Plate Heat Exchanger Application Request


        Hot Side                                              Cold Side


Fluid Type*_____________                         Fluid Type*______________

1. Flow Rate*      ______________            1. Flow Rate*      ________________

2. Temperature In*   _____________        2. Temperature In*   _______________

3. Temperature Out*  _____________      3. Temperature Out*  _______________

Maximum Allowable Pressure Drop:

4. Heat Load  ___________________     Hot Side_______ Cold Side_______


If available:                                                   If available:

Density             ___________kg/m3           Density         __________kg/m3


Viscosity           __________kg/ms           Viscosity        __________kg/ms


Specific Heat   __________J/kgK           Specific Heat  _________J/kgK  


Conductivity    ___________W/mK          Conductivity   __________W/mK


Note: * are necessary information you need to fill in.

For special material, please also fill in the If available information.