Plate Heat Exchanger

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Plate heat exchanger, or gasketed plate heat exchanger, plate and frame heat exchanger is composed of mainly frame, gaskets and plate pack. The frame is usually made of carbon steel and stainless steel, which is easily assemble and disassemble for heat exchanger extending if necessary. The core composition is plate pack sealed with rubber gasket. This parallel structure enables fluids flow between plates to achieve high efficient thermal transfer without direct contact. The plates are designed in high theta or low theta to reach a quick or slow flow rate of fluids. Plates are usually made of stainless steel, titanuim and hastelloy for different physical and chemical nature of fluids. The corresponding gaskets are also designed to meet different temprature and pressure requirements.

For plate heat exchanger design, HFM adopted advanced computor software designation and we have full experience in dealing with other equivalent plate heat exchanger OEMs products. Within its 20 years development, our vast knowledge database has gained trust and good performace in our clients and potential clients worldwidely. Our domestic applications are covering multiple industries and various projects launched in marine, power generation, chemical and food &beverage.

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