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Gaskets & Plates Replacement for Sondex Plate Heat Exchanger

Gaskets & Plates for Sondex Plate Heat Exchanger

HFM Co.,Ltd is a professional global plates and gaskets provider for plate heat exchangers. Services we provide:
Applied technology solutions Type selecting & design Plate heat exchanger rebuilding & expanding Plate heat exchanger cleaning & repairing

All sizes shown below are in millimeters for use on the chart to the right.

ModelAreaSize ASize BSize CSize DSize E
Sondex S40,044511413817032
Sondex S200,299822889412661
Sondex S150,1579822869412661
Sondex S70,0749822839412661
Sondex S22 Clip0,26874380719225100
Sondex S21 Clip0,23874380719225100
Sondex S190,19798353650202100
Sondex S390,3912983531150202100
Sondex S300,31098353950202100
Sondex S500,515983531450202100
Sondex S58 Clip0,5814084761237310115
Sondex S35 Clip0,35992476800283145
Sondex S1301,321556581891395212
Sondex SF1311,321756751890390300