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Replacement Plate Heat Exchanger Gaskets & Plates for APV Pasilac Products

Plate Heat Exchanger Gaskets & Plates for APV-Pasilac Products

HFM Co.,Ltd is a professional global plates and gaskets provider for plate heat exchangers. Services we provide:
Applied technology solutions Type selecting & design Plate heat exchanger rebuilding & expanding Plate heat exchanger cleaning & repairing

All sizes shown below are in millimeters for use on the chart to the right.

ModelAreaSize ASize BSize CSize DSize E
APV Pasilac T40,0384491383817032
APV Pasilac T4 Clip0,0384491383817032
APV Pasilac H120,1273826862015074
APV Pasilac H17 (Tipo 1070)0,1791826880015074
APV Pasilac N120,1273813862015074
APV Pasilac H17 Clip0,1791826880015074
APV Pasilac Tipo 1070K0,1791826880015074
APV Pasilac N35 (Tipo 1056)0,371200368107023885
APV Pasilac D37 (Tipo 1020)0,371200380107625685
APV Pasilac N500,531614368148423885
APV Pasilac Tipo 10250,371200368107023885
APV Pasilac N35 Clip0,371200368107023885
APV Pasilac K710,7371722,54831552310115
APV Pasilac K71 Clip0,7371722,54831552310115
APV Pasilac Tipo 1050 AS0,5711407,54831238310115
APV Pasilac K55 Clip0,5711407,54831238310115
APV Pasilac R550,561403,54851238310119
APV Pasilac M600,61188740915465229
APV Pasilac M92 (Tipo 1730)0,9215637401290465229
APV Pasilac M107 (Tipo 1736)1,071750,57401478465229