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Welcome to Hofmann (Beijing) Engineering Technology Co., Ltd.

Our History

Hofmann Industry founded in 1998 is a one-stop service provider of heat exchanger products and technologies. HFM's headquarter is based in Beijing, China while its business branches spreads all over the world.

In 2008, Hofmann established its heat exchanger service center to carry out maintenance of plate heat exchangers, chemical cleaning, test, renovation and other services. Besides, Hofmann is deploying global service network to become a global heat exchanger service expert and respond customers at any time anywhere.

After development over decades, till 2017 Hofmann has perfect itself either in production, supply chain management, financial support, technology innovation capability and global logistics and after-sale service network. HFM now can design various heat exchangers for complicated operating conditions. In the 2019 business year of new growth, HFM South Africa is launched officially.

Our Vision

Hofmann is the one-stop of supply chain with strict vendor qualification combined with local warehouse stock and new production management for our customers. HFM's cloud platform of engineering team is committed to technology research and provides best application solutions for customers. Our customers are partners with HFM in local service network as well. We are trying to integrate the global supply of resources. And we have set up a rapid response product warehouse network with the United States, Brazil, Italy, France and other countries. Our R&D center can provide complete set of heat exchanger service solutions, and professional on-site technical services and free inventory managements for clients. 

Our One-stop Supply Chain

Our product catalogue includes gasketed plate heat exchanger, brazed plate heat exchanger, welded (fully & semi) plate heat exchanger, PHE spares plates & gaskets replacement, PHE frame & sleeve, professional dismantling device, pressure machine, mold, fasteners, etc. Based on application practices, Hofmann's Plate Heat Exchangers are widely applied in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, mining, electricity, nuclear power, central heating, shipping, pharmaceutical, food, chemical fiber, textile, paper and other fields. 

We are professional in:

  • Plate heat exchanger new design/ redesign
  • Application engineering solutions
  • 24/7 customer inquiry answer
  • Global maintenance service 

Our Global Service Network

HFM’s headquarter office is based in Beijing, China. Our customer service specialists are professional sales. With the business support in partnership, our global service network is now covering North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Oceania and Asia through the cooperation with qualified and trustful customers. In one word, HFM will become the first and best choice for your heat exchanger requirements.

Our New Service --- Coming Soon

HFM's dedication in servicing the global plate heat exchanger users efficiently is much more than your expectation and satisfaction.

HFMCLOUD - New PHE APP for a Global Supply Chain

In 2019, HFMCLOUD opens to global professional teams and individuals for a faster PHE supply chain to all users.

HFM Product & Service Statement And Legal Terms (General Edition)