2010-07-23 13:12:38
Renesas Semiconductor (Beijing) and Hofmann (HFM)

Guide: Renesas Semiconductor (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (RSB), located in Shangdi Information Industry Base, Haidian District, Beijing, covers an area of about 150,000 square...

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2009-11-03 15:59:16
SDIC Anping Power Plant

Gide: SDIC Anping Power Plant is a coal-fired power plant invested and constructed by SDIC Xiyang Energy Co., Ltd. The site is located in Xiyang County, Shanxi...

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2009-06-25 15:23:45
Shenyang Dairy Co., Ltd. Dairy Production Project

Guide: Shenyang Dairy Co., Ltd. is a wholly foreign-owned enterprise, located in Huishan Economic Development Zone of Shenbei New District in Shenyang City (also...

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2009-06-17 14:57:44
Vietnam Jinpu 300MW Coal - fired Power Plant Project

Guide: Vietnam Jinpu Coal-fired Power Plant project is approved by the Vietnamese government project, Jinpu Thermal Power Company (CPC) of the Vietnamese Ministry of Coal...

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2009-05-08 10:32:43
HFM's plate heat exchanger used for steel blast furnace cooling

Guide: China Metallurgical Engineering Technology co., LTD. Is a large state-owned technology company controlled by China metallurgical corporation (MCC), the world's...

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2008-10-29 13:21:08
Beijing Olympic Park National Conference Center HVAC Project

Guide: National Convention Center in Olympic Park (B) District project is one of the Olympic projects approved by the Beijing Municipal Development and Reform...

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2008-10-29 11:12:06
Recycled Water Cycle Heat Pump in Olympic Village

Guide: 2008 Olympic Games is praised as "the best Olympic Games in all the Olympic Games and in the future very few people can do this" by the International Olympic...

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2005-11-25 10:28:22
Beijing Huamao Center Office of HVAC Development Project

Guide: Beijing Huamao Center is located in the CBD core, which is composed of three super 5A intelligent offices, two international luxury hotels, international...

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