2016-03-02 10:07:12
Tsingtao Beer Fifth Co., Ltd. Beer Heating Project

Guide: In the beer manufacturing process, the plate heat exchanger is essential, a variety of beer heating, boiling and cooling processes require the support of heat...

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2014-10-15 16:58:29
Caprolactam Project in the Field of Chemical Process

Guide: Fujian Tianchen Yaolong New Material Co., Ltd. established in February 2012, is a state-owned joint venture funded by the China Tianchen Engineering Co., Ltd....

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2013-12-31 16:31:54
The closed circulating water cooling system in the second stage of Huaneng Jinggangshan Power Plant

Guide: Huaneng Jinggangshan Power Plant was founded in 1996, is the China Huaneng Group Investment’s first large-scale enterprise in Jiangxi, which is engaged in...

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2013-11-14 16:46:46
Troitsk State Power Station 2×660MW Generating Set Construction Project

Guide: Russia's Troitsk power plant project is a large-scale power generation project funded by Russian electricity wholesale market, the second power generation...

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2013-09-17 14:17:36
Shandong Tianli Pharmaceutical Project

Guide: As mentioned the Hofmann (HFM) plate heat exchanger In the field of medical drugs, a representative case is Shandong Tianli Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.. Shando...

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2013-06-19 16:49:45
Huaneng Daqing 2×350MW Thermal Power Plant Project

Guide: Huaneng Daqing Thermal Power Co., Ltd. was registered in Daqing Trade and Industry Bureau in April 10, 2012. Huaneng Daqing’s 2 × 350MW Cogeneration Project was...

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2011-07-14 16:43:25
Heat Exchange Unit for the Shandong Chenming Paper Group

Gide: Chenming Group is China's leading papermaking enterprises; the world's top 10 paper companies, and top 500 Chinese enterprises. Since the company was founded in...

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2010-10-07 16:42:00
Jinchuan Group Co., Ltd. Sponge Titanium Smelting Project Heat Exchange Unit

Guide: Jinchuan Group Co., Ltd. is a large-scale nonferrous metallurgy and chemical joint enterprise, which produces nickel, platinum, copper, cobalt, rare precious...

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