2018-09-19 17:20:46
The temperature of sewage heat energy

There are a variety of ways to use heat energy of municipal sewage, the most effective of which is to use sewage. That is, release the excess heat in the building into the...

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2017-07-07 16:15:15
New Website of HFM - Find What You Want

In order to better display our products and services, Hofmann has upgraded the website, and hopes that our new and old customers can enjoy the new website. Hofmann...

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2016-05-03 13:04:38
HFM:Plate and Frame Heat Exchanger Market

The global plate and frame heat exchanger market is expected to  drive product significance over the forecast period  reaching USD 5.99 billion by 2022, according...

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2016-03-02 10:07:12
Tsingtao Beer Fifth Co., Ltd. Beer Heating Project

Guide: In the beer manufacturing process, the plate heat exchanger is essential, a variety of beer heating, boiling and cooling processes require the support of heat...

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2014-10-15 16:58:29
Caprolactam Project in the Field of Chemical Process

Guide: Fujian Tianchen Yaolong New Material Co., Ltd. established in February 2012, is a state-owned joint venture funded by the China Tianchen Engineering Co., Ltd....

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2013-12-31 16:31:54
The closed circulating water cooling system in the second stage of Huaneng Jinggangshan Power Plant

Guide: Huaneng Jinggangshan Power Plant was founded in 1996, is the China Huaneng Group Investment’s first large-scale enterprise in Jiangxi, which is engaged in...

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2013-11-14 16:46:46
Troitsk State Power Station 2×660MW Generating Set Construction Project

Guide: Russia's Troitsk power plant project is a large-scale power generation project funded by Russian electricity wholesale market, the second power generation...

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2013-09-17 14:17:36
Shandong Tianli Pharmaceutical Project

Guide: As mentioned the Hofmann (HFM) plate heat exchanger In the field of medical drugs, a representative case is Shandong Tianli Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.. Shando...

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