2020-07-24 16:23:57
Case: Marine on-board Gensets cooler

This is a 57000 DWT bulk carrier, we help them to build a cooling system for 4 auxiliary gensets. We provide two gasket plate heat exchangers for each set, and two...

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2020-07-30 09:41:13
Case: Thermal power planet Closed circulation cooling system

This is a thermal power plant located in Philippines. The power plant currently has three 55MW gensets. Plate heat exchangers are going to help the auxiliary coolers to...

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2020-08-07 16:37:42
Case: Pasteurization

Multi-section plate heat exchanger is designed for pasteurization. 1, Cold milk is pumped to section Ⅱ, and pre-heated to 55℃; 2, The 55℃ milk go through...

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