Plate Heat Exchanger Application

HFM plate heat exchangers are widely used in multiple industries and applications. We provide specified service for various requirements. Our plate heat exchanger is qualified to be applied for following industries:

a.Refrigeration: used for condenser and evaporator

b.HVAC: intermediate Heat Exchanger cooperated with the boiler,  high-rise building intermediate Heat Exchanger

c.Chemical Industry: soda ash industry, synthetic ammonia, alcohol fermentation, resin composite cooling, etc.

d.Metallurgical Industry: aluminate liquor heating and cooling, steel-making process cooling, etc.

e.Machinery Industry: all kinds of quenching liquid cooling, reducer lubricating oil cooling, etc.

f.Power Industry: high voltage transformer oil cooling, generator bearing oil cooling, etc.

g.Paper Industry: bleaching process heat recovery, wash slurry heating, etc.

h.Textile Industry: viscose rayon aqueous alkali cooling, boiling nitrocellulose cooling, etc.

i.Food & Beverage: juice sterilization cooling, animal and plant oil heating and cooling.

j.Grease Technology: soap base atmospheric pressure drying, various technology liquids heating and cooling.

k.Central Heating: thermal power plant waste heat district heating, bath water heating.

l.Marine: shipbuilding

m.Medical Industry: medicine making

n.Others: petroleum, desalination, and geothermal.

Our corporate mission

Hofmann provides professional technology application solutions for heat exchangers, global technology services and on-site solutions of heat exchangers, and quality-reliable heat exchanger products.