Plate Heat Exchanger in Beer Brewing

Improving the Beer Brewing Process with Plate Heat Exchanger


Boiling wort needs to be cooled down very quickly for several reasons. First of all, it needs to be cool enough for the yeast to survive. Second, cooling it limits the production of sulfur compounds and other contaminants during the cooling process. These compounds are associated with off-flavors in the finished beer. Finally, some proteins need to be thermally shocked in order for them to precipitate.

In the beer brewing process, a plate heat exchanger is used to cool down beer/wort.

How Can You Cool Down Wort as Quickly as Possible? -Use a Plate Heat Exchanger.

Use plate heat exchanger to cool down the wort as quickly as possible. Usually use a flat plate or counterflow heat exchanger. A plate heat exchanger is a device that transfers heat from one fluid to another. Water, initially at a low temperature and used as the coolant, is being heated up while the wort is being cooled down. Flat plate heat exchanger used to cool down beer at a local “brew-your-own-beer” establishment. The following picture shows a flat plate heat exchanger. These types of heat exchangers are very popular due to their compact size. Many brewers also use counterflow heat exchangers.

Using a heat exchanger is not only the fastest way to cool down your wort, it is also the most efficient. Indeed, most of the heat taken form the wort is transferred to the water. This water can then be reused to steep the next batch of malted barley. This way, no energy is wasted.

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