Case: Thermal power planet Closed circulation cooling system

This is a thermal power plant located in Philippines. The power plant currently has three 55MW gensets. Plate heat exchangers are going to help the auxiliary coolers to cool down steam generator, turbo-generator, air compressors and other BoP equipments.

A part of this project is closed circulation cooling water plate heat exchanger, it use a primary water source (circulating sea water) to cool the power plant's closed-cycle cooling water (demineralized water), which is used to cool and take away a large amount of heat generated by the operation of equipment in the power plant's production process; it can also be cooled continuously due to its own friction heat-generating equipment can also cool equipment that generates heat due to energy conversion, thereby ensuring the safe operation of the power plant.

Closed circulating water side/ Hot Open water side / Cold
Actual volume flow m³/h 450 480
Design pressure MPa 1.0 1.0
Temperature inlet/ outlet ℃ 36/ 32 30/ 34
Pipe diameter DN 250
Media Water Sea Water


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