Case: Pasteurization

Multi-section plate heat exchanger is designed for pasteurization.
1, Cold milk is pumped to section Ⅱ, and pre-heated to 55℃;
2, The 55℃ milk go through homogenizer, and go back to the plate heat exchanger section Ⅰ, which is heated to 75℃ for pasteurization by hot water or steam;
3, The 75℃ pasteurized milk go back to section Ⅱ to heat up the cold raw milk, and the temperature decrease a little bit.
4, The pasteurized milk is cooled down to 4℃ by cold water in section Ⅲ.

Connection Data
Section No. Application Connection No.
Hot water in S4
Hot water out A4
55  Milk in A1
75  Milk out S1
75  Milk in A3
24  Milk out B3
4  Milk in B2
55  Milk out A2
24  Milk in B3
4  Milk out T4
Cooling water in B1
Cooling water out T2


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