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HFM's plate heat exchanger gaskets & plates replacement are specific to fit many brands' plate heat exchangers.




PLATE: M3, M6, M10, M15, M20, TL10B, MX25, M30, P16, P26, P36, AK20, AM20, TS6, TS20, TL6, TL10, T20

GASKET: M3, M6B, M6M, M10B, M10M, M10BW, M15B, M15M, M20M, M20MW, MX25M, M30, A15B, TS20M, AK20, TL10B, TL20B, TS6M, P22, P36, V110S, TL20P, MK15BW, P26, Clip6, A10B, AM20B, TL6B, TL10P, Clip10, AM20B, TL6B, TL10P, Clip10, AM10, AX30, A20, NF-NG-02





PLATE: TL90, TL150, TL200, TL250, TL400, TL500, TL650, TL850

GASKET: TL90PP, TL90SS, TL150PP, TL150SS, TL250PP, TL250SS, TL400SS, TL500PP, TL500SS, TL650PP, TL650SS, TL850PP, TL850SS, TL200SS, TL200PP



PLATE: H12, H17, N35, Q030, A055, A085, J060, J092, J107, J185

GASKET: Ti14, SR2, H17, N35, N50, M92, Q080, A055, A085, J060, J092, J107, B063, H450, Q030, SR1, RS3, K55




PLATE: VT4, VT8, VT10, VT20, NT100, NT150, NT250, NT350, NT500, N40L, FA184

GASKET: VT4, VT10, VT20, VT20P, VT40, VT80, N40, NT100S, NT100M, NT100L, NT150S, NT150L, NT250S, NT250M, NT250L, NT350S, NT350M, NT500T, NT50M, NT50X, FA184, VT405, VT805, VT40M, NT100T, NT100X



PLATE: S4, S7, S14, S17, S19, S21, S22, S47, S41, S42, S62, S43 (AD), S65, S100, S81, S121, S188

GASKET: S4, S8, S21, S22, S41, S43, S65, S81, S121, S62, S37, S42, S100, S47, S7, S9, S14



PLATE: GX18, GL13, GC26, GX26, GX42, GC51, GX51, GC60, GX60, GX85, GX91, GX100

GASKET: GX26, GX42, GX51, GX100, GL13, GC26, GC51, GX60, GX12, GX7, GX85, GC16, GX18, GC60, GX91, UX01, UX05, UX20, UX30, UX40, S3


GASKET: Sigma27, Sigma29, Sigma37, Sigma66, Sigma26


GASKET: FP19, FP31, FP40, FP50



PLATE: V8, VU8, V13, V28, V45, V60, V85, V130, V170

GASKET: V4, V5, V13, V20, V28, V45, V60A, V60B, V85, V85D, V100A, V100B, V130, V170, V280


GASKET: PF20, PF21, PF25, PF41, PF42, PF45



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