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Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger

Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger is an important equipment in the working process of oil refining, chemical, electric power industry and so on, according to statistics in the refinery, this equipment accounts for about 40% of all equipment. It is not only the main equipment in the working process, but also the primary means of companies to reduce energy consumption and costs, therefore the shell and tube heat exchanger technology level is one of the main signs of the sophistication of the refinery.

HFM Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers are in line with the ISO9001 international quality system requirements, GB150-2011 "Pressure Vessel", GB151-2014 "Heat Exchanger", and "Pressure Vessel Safety Technology Supervision Procedures" from the design, manufacture, testing, inspection and service. Design, manufacture, inspection and acceptance conforming to GB151-2014"Heat Exchanger", GB150-2011 "Pressure Vessel" and "Pressure Vessel Safety Technology Supervision Procedures". Our products are widely applied in petrochemical, oil refining, light industry, electric power, metallurgy, water conservancy and other industries.

                                                        Table. Parameters of HFM Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger

Pressure PN≤35Mpa (according to material, process, design)
Nominal Diameter DN≤2600mm (according to material, process, design)
Materialcarbon steel, stainless steel, Non-ferrous metals, Nonmetal etc.
TemperatureMaterials upper limit and material lower limit (according to GB151-2014 )
TypeFixed tube plate, floating head, U-tube, stuffing box, etc.