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Gaskets & Plates Replacement for Hisaka Plate Heat Exchanger

Gaskets & Plates for Hisaka Plate Heat Exchanger

HFM Co.,Ltd is a professional global plates and gaskets provider for plate heat exchangers. Services we provide:
Applied technology solutions Type selecting & design Plate heat exchanger rebuilding & expanding Plate heat exchanger cleaning & repairing

All sizes shown below are in millimeters for use on the chart to the right.

Hisaka EX11
Hisaka EX15
Hisaka LX00A slit-in
Hisaka LX10A slit-in
Hisaka LX20
Hisaka LX20A slit-in
Hisaka LX30A slit-in
Hisaka LX40
Hisaka LX40A slit-in
Hisaka LX50A slit-in
Hisaka RX11A slit-in
Hisaka RX13A slit-in
Hisaka RX30A slit-in
Hisaka RX70
Hisaka SX41
Hisaka SX43
Hisaka SX90
Hisaka SX90M
Hisaka UX01
Hisaka UX10
Hisaka UX100
Hisaka UX10A slit-in
Hisaka UX20
Hisaka UX20A slit-in
Hisaka UX30
Hisaka UX30A slit-in
Hisaka UX40
Hisaka UX40A slit-in
Hisaka UX80
Hisaka UX90
Hisaka YX80