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Bellows tube heat exchanger

Bellows tube heat exchanger is a new type of superior heat exchanger. It is based on the traditional shell and tube heat exchanger, using the principle of enhanced heat transfer developed a new type of high efficiency heat exchanger. It adopts the wave node enhanced heat transfer tube to replace the straight tube in the shell and tube heat exchanger,the combination of the advantages of the wave tube and the advantages of the tube shell structure, so that the heat exchanger has better heat transfer effect and performance.

Bellows tube heat exchanger features:

1. Bellows tube heat exchanger heat transfer coefficient is high: steam - water heat transfer coefficient reached 3000-4500 W/m2·C; water - water heat transfer coefficient reached 2000-3500 W/m2·C.

2. High temperature, high pressure: Although the corrugated pipe wall is very thin (0.7-1.5), but it uses a special molding process and a unique ripple appearance, not only did not reduce the pressure drop, but higher, usually up to 6MPa.

3. Anti-scaling, anti-blocking performance is good. Due to the tube can be achieved outside the full disturbance, accelerate the formation of turbulence, so that the wall is not easy to form fouling crystal nuclei and accumulation of fouling, so the heat pipe is not easy scaling

4. To adapt to thermal expansion ability. The heat exchanger tube bundle adopts the node form, each node has the ability to adapt to thermal expansion and contraction, so the heat exchange tube be made longer, and does not require expansion ring and other components, safe and reliable operation.

5. Shockproof ability. Nodular tube in the operation without fatigue damage, in particular, to solve the vibration of water in the heat exchanger.