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Gaskets & Plates Replacement for Sigma API Plate Heat Exchanger

Gaskets & Plates for Sigma API Plate Heat Exchanger

HFM Co.,Ltd is a professional global plates and gaskets provider for plate heat exchangers. Services we provide:
Applied technology solutions Type selecting & design Plate heat exchanger rebuilding & expanding Plate heat exchanger cleaning & repairing

All sizes shown below are in millimeters for use on the chart to the right.

Sigma SX19
Sigma SX29
Sigma SX49
Sigma S7
Sigma S9
Sigma S12
Sigma S17
Sigma S27
Sigma S37
Sigma S16
Sigma S22
Sigma S32
Sigma S52
Sigma S45V
Sigma S90V
Sigma M27
Sigma M36
Sigma M37
Sigma M66
Sigma M76
Sigma M106
Sigma F45
Sigma S30
Sigma S64
Sigma S65
Sigma S85
Sigma S108
Sigma S109
Sigma S138
Sigma S166
Sigma S38
Sigma S48
Sigma S60
Sigma S114