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Air Cooled Heat Exchanger

Air-cooled Heat Exchanger is a heat exchanger, which uses the ambient air as a cooling medium flowing through the finned tube to make a hot fluid cooling or condensing. Air-cooled heat exchanger is applied in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, electric power, metallurgy, energy, construction, food, light industry, refrigeration and air conditioning, compressor and many other industries, it has the features of cooling water conservation, reducing environmental pollution, convenient operation, low operation and maintenance costs, etc. Thus, in many industrial areas suitable working conditions, the air cooler is gradually replacing the traditional shell and tube water cooler.

HFM can design and manufacture various types of finned tube heat exchangers suitable for gas-cooled, and also all types of air-cooled heat exchangers whole unit, tubes, fans, frames, blinds and sprinklers, etc. Our products are in strict accordance with NB/T47007-2010 "Air-cooled Heat Exchanger", GB/T28712-2012 "Heat Exchanger Types and Basic Parameters" .

                                                     Table. Parameters of HFM Air-cooled Heat Exchanger

High-temperature water or steam radiatorGL type, SRZ type, S type, U type, SRL type, L type
High-temperature heat transfer oil radiatorFUL type
Surface air coolerKL type, TLS type
Oil CoolerFL type
Finned tube typeWinding fin, squeezing type, stringing fin, welded fin